So, on the way to the Masterpiece party, a few of us jumped on a golf cart to the venue from the entrance as it was a long way to walk in heels.

I happened to sit next to this beautiful stranger & immediately recognised her necklace as Blythe’s (from Stella & Dot, see below)! Blythe has always called me ‘Birdie’ because I have fine hair like a baby chick & so when she made this creation with tiny little feathers, gave it to me as a gift.

Anyways, it was a conversation starter & afterwards found out that this natural beauty was Natasha Rufus Isaacs of Beulah ( I had heard of them before & have always respected the fact that they created their business with social impact in their hearts.

Natasha & Lavinia (her partner whom I later met), I just checked out your website, please put the Painted Lady & the Sabitri on my wish list!

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